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Blended Courses: Offered in - Standard First Aid / Emergency First Aid / CPR

Program Overview
Blended Learning combines online learning with in-person skills sessions conducted by a Red Cross-certified instructor. The new blended learning courses build the same knowledge and skills as our traditional classroom training courses.

On-Line Session
The blended learning online session offers students a variety of elements to learn program content including videos, lesson narration and special features. In addition, interactive learning experiences engage the student in activities such as:
-Drag and drop exercises to reinforce skill sequences
-Case studies that provide participants with the opportunity to decide what care to provide
-Hotlinks such as Quick Checks and Fast Facts to give students the option to drill down for a more in - depth look at key words, topics and skills
-Lesson reviews to allow students to review material covered in each lesson before completing the assessment
In-Person Session
In order to move on to the in-person  session, students must pass the assessment at the end of the online session and should print a copy of their online completion certification to submit  to the instructor.
Benefits include:
-Individualized, self-paced learning
-Accommodates individual learning styles and allows participants to learn at their own pace
-Participants can stop and review training whenever necessary to ensure that they completely understand the instruction
-Course takers have the option of going through the online session in full or abbreviated form and by testing out of lessons with which they may
 already be familiar, making it a time
-saver for those re-certifying
-Convenient access and consistent delivery
-Allows course takers to access training at their convenience from any computer with internet access
-Can help prevent schedule conflicts with work-related responsibilities
-Online training can be started and stopped to accommodate busy schedules
-Course takers are given access to the online content for the period of certification and may log on as needed to reference content or refresh their
-Focused skill sessions
-Providing content online shortens in person class time
-Allows instructors to focus on skill practice and assessment during skill sessions, rather than lecture